Is there corruption at Forney City Hall?

According to Forney resident Bruce Bynum there is.

Mr. Bynum recently took to the Facebook page of The Forney Post and made the following posts,

“True enough Michael, But corruption abounds. Follow the money. And we know the city council will not be forthright and honest about reason and justification for their decisions. I wonder if the 130MM bond is to hide the 45MM the city owes Petro Hunt”.

“Forney city council is not to be trusted concerning any issue. They can’t properly manage a $54MM TIRZ agreement that was incompetently done by previous TIF board and city council. What a joke that they would think the tax payers would trust them with $130MM. Not one city council member has the competence, knowledge or experience to manage that kind of money, much less the ability to make a decision on $130MM”.

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City of Forney closes out Gateway Bridge Project

At Tuesday evenings meeting of the Forney City council, a vote was taken to close out the construction of the Gateway Bridge project. TxDOT sent a final invoice to the City of Forney for $1,386,838.57. This amount was Forney’s remaining balance on the project.

I sent a request for information regarding this action to the city secretary via the city’s website. I received the following information from city attorney Jon Thatcher late this afternoon. Continue reading “City of Forney closes out Gateway Bridge Project”

Where does the political money come from?

Have you ever wondered who finances political candidates campaigns? Do they self fund, or do they depend on others to help them pay their campaign bills?

To find out at the local level, you have to file an open records request with each entity and wait days before the request is filled. But at the State level you just have to make a few clicks on the Texas Ethics Commission website and voila, you now have the information.

To make it even easier, I have attached a link to each of the candidates campaign reports in the Texas State Representative District 4 race.

Keith Bell

Ashley McKee

Stuart Spitzer

Earl Brunner