City of Forney Open Record Requests for August 2017

img_6969I recently received the August 2017 Open Records Requests Report from City Secretary Dorothy Brooks. There were a total of 63 requests and local blogger Denise Bell was directly responsible for 35 of them. That is 56% of all the requests in the month of August were submitted by one person. And numerous of her requests had more than one component to them.

Among the items she requested were ….

  • Campaign Finance reports for Darrell Grooms and Darren Rozelle. Two past Mayors who have been out of office for years.
  • Disciplinary reports for numerous Forney Police officers.
  • Emails between former City manager James Fisher and Petro Hunt representative Alan Bain.
  • Emails between numerous current city council members.
  • Emails between current city council members and past city council members.
  • Etc, Etc., Etc, …….

To say Ms Bell is on a continuous witch hunt is a massive understatement and a gross misuse of that term. Ms Bell once told me that she feels it is her “mission in life” to make life uncomfortable for any elected official or private citizen she disagrees with. And she also stated that “she will not rest until certain individuals in Forney are locked up behind bars”. ((FYI – during that conversation she told me that she keeps a file on me as well.))

Be that as it may, I just empathize with the City staff and their continued efforts to fulfill all the open records requests Ms Bell puts forth in her unrelenting “witch hunt”.

Click here to view the August 2017 requests received