Forney Council Member Shaun Myers Issues Statement ……..

Shaun MyersOn Saturday October 7th Rick Wilson held his monthly “coffee with the Mayor” at the Huddle House in Forney. Our friends at posted the full uncut video on their Facebook page. I posted a link to that video on our Facebook page.

After viewing the entire video, Forney city council member Shaun Myers issued the following statement via a post on our Facebook page.

I struggle as a city council member with how to approach having to attempt to work with someone who’s goal isn’t to best serve our community, but to better position themselves politically by bashing those who are working to move Forney in the right direction. If I point out all of the unbelievably absurd claims our mayor makes, it appears as if we are in-fighting. If I ignore it, which I have no issue doing, then people start to point the finger in the wrong direction. I sat in the crowd, observing this nonsense for two years. Eventually I got tired of the nonsense and I decided to step WAY outside of my comfort zone to put a stop to it. The six city council members are working hard to make things happen in this city. We’re working hard to provide the commercial development, the restaurants, the retail, creating jobs, events in downtown, events at the park, and the list goes on and on and on. While we’re working to move this city forward, this man is working to continue the divide, working to sway your perception, and doing nothing to improve this community. I don’t know how anyone can watch that video and not recognize the lack of confidence behind the stories he tells. He blames city council for anything he and Denise Bell perceive as bad for this city. Ask yourself, where does the divide in this city begin? Is it really the six city councilmen/women, or is there a common denominator in this equation? Do you really believe TXDOT would merge a six lane road into a two lane road just because the cities change? Do you really believe Mesquite cares that the Markout deal was killed? BTW, about those negotiations, there were no negotiations. The reps for Forney (you guessed it, the mayor and former city manager) requested a 4.5/1 land swap in response to Mesquite’s 3/1 offer. Think about that for a second. Mesquite OFFERED a 3/1 land swap of land they control, and the mayor claims they told them how generous that was of them, only to request 4.5/1. Mesquite finally got tired of dealing with the face of this city and moved on. Once the citizens of Forney received that letter in the mail, another meeting was arranged with Mesquite. At that point Mary and I (Sean Penn) requested to be present because clearly we couldn’t trust the mayor to represent our city properly. At that meeting, the mayor once again tried to blame Mesquite and force his hand into a resolution. The Mesquite councilman present for that meeting then assured us that they weren’t interested in going down that road again. This isn’t Mesquite’s fault. They offered 3/1! This isn’t an issue with a true representative of FORNEY in charge. Bashing Mesquite, questioning their morals, etc is the wrong fox hole to go down. Every single Forney resident should be questioning why you weren’t represented properly in those meetings. You should be questioning why every coffee with the mayor event is used as a vice to bash the city council who’s actually working on projects to move this community forward. Notice he never answers the questions asked. He strolls down some other road instead of answering the question at hand. If you truly want to know what’s actually going on in Forney, come to a council meeting, come to an EDC meeting, come to a Forney Downtown Business Association meeting, come to a chamber of commerce meeting, come to a parks board meeting. Did you know plans are already being made for the Pinson Farm? Did you know a decision will be made by the end of the month on a huge potential expansion in Forney? Have you heard about the plans being worked on for our downtown? Look, I could go on. But none of that is ever mentioned at coffee with the mayor. Why? Because the mayor doesn’t care about that. The city council does though. We’ll continue to work on these projects despite the guy out in left field. It’s true, the annexation deal may very well not work out. I hate it. It irritates me that this was allowed to happen. It irritates me that a lot of things were allowed to happen. We’re going to see how this all plays out but the citizens of Forney have a lot to be excited about as well. This ship just made a u-turn. You can bet THIS city council won’t be letting off the gas though.

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