I ain’t no Rocket Scientist but 62% is a lot

Denise Bell regularly uses her bully platform, The Forney Post, to inform her reader of the enormous amount of wasteful spending by certain members of the Forney city council. In her latest hit piece, Forney City Council Puts the Cart Before the Horse…Again, she complains about the lack of “rocket scientists” on the current city council. Not sure why we need rocket scientists on the city council but “oh well”. img_6969In all of her misguided attempts to bring shame and condemnation on members of the Forney city council one member stands alone. And that member is the current acting mayor, Rick Wilson. Ms Bells glowing characterizations of Rick and the support she shares for his policies and crusades makes one wonder …… Ummm I have digressed enough from the intended premise of this post.

As stated before. Ms Bell continually berates any Forney city council member she does not agree with. And the one area she targets more than others is finances. I just received the list of Public Information Requests received by the City of Forney for the month of October 2017. There was a total of 37 requests made, and of those 37 Denise Bell was responsible for 23 of them. 62%!!! But wait it gets better. All of her requests were made over a two day period. Five (5) on 10/30 and eighteen (18) on 10/31. And many of those request contained additional requests within them.

Now I ain’t no rocket scientist either but I can figure out that Ms Bell is costing the city of Forney thousands of dollars each year on her continuous witch hunts. Maybe Ms Bell should publish a post about herself ………….


Click here to view the October 2017 PIR