Denise Bell – Forney’s 5 O’clock Charlie

I loved the TV Show M.A.S.H. I looked forward to it, and could not wait to see what perils the cast would get into in each episode. Many of the episodes stand out for one reason or another. And the episode titled “5 O’clock Charlie” has recently taken on a new meaning for me.

In the episode, an ammunition depot near the camp has been the target of a punctual but inept North Korean bomber pilot. Every day at 5:00 he flies overhead and attempts to hit the depot with a single hand-thrown bomb. The pilot, nicknamed “5 O’Clock Charlie,” has been so reliably unsuccessful that the denizens of the 4077th have begun a betting pool based on how far away from the target his bomb will land. Only Frank and Margaret regard “Charlie” as a serious threat.

This episode started me thinking about how Denise Bell continually writes erroneous, non-factual articles about certain members of the Forney city council in hopes that one of them will hit a target. She publishes her propaganda using her blog, The Forney Post, as her “Airplane”.

In the articles she will sprinkle in just enough of a fact that will lead the reader to “make an assumption” that it could be true. She uses these articles as her “Bombs”.

Her articles mostly revolve around The Gateway project or any other developer that “SHE” deems as a threat to our community. Included in each article are facts, AS SHE UNDERSTANDS THEM, about the developers and ANY council member, or member of the community she THINKS may have something to do with growth and development in Forney. Those are her “Targets”

Although Denise Bell does not have widespread support throughout the community, she does have a small band of supporters that seem to get “spun up” when she writes a breaking article in hopes that it will be the one containing the necessary information to uncover corruption and misdeeds and multitudes of individuals will be lead out of town in handcuffs on their way to prison. ((BTW I have PROOF this is how she thinks and will provide it in a latter article)) This small group of her supporters are akin to “Frank and Margaret”.

And lastly, we get to Forney. Our wonderful little community full of mostly caring and good people. (Hawkeye and Trapper types). This is evident every time tragedy strikes out community. The people of Forney rise up and put their differences aside and come to the aid of our neighbors in need. Unfortunately, Denise Bell does not see this Forney. She only sees corruption, fraud, bribery, misconduct, unscrupulous individuals, etc, etc, etc. Forney is her M.A.S.H. compound which she has decided to fly her plane (The Forney Post) over, in hopes of hitting her target (Gateway, Council members, Developers, and any community members she disagrees with) to drop her bombs (Forney Post Articles) on.

Just like 5 O’clock Charlie continually misses his targets, so too will Denise Bell.

Happy trails 5 O’clock Bell.