City of Forney closes out Gateway Bridge Project

At Tuesday evenings meeting of the Forney City council, a vote was taken to close out the construction of the Gateway Bridge project. TxDOT sent a final invoice to the City of Forney for $1,386,838.57. This amount was Forney’s remaining balance on the project.

I sent a request for information regarding this action to the city secretary via the city’s website. I received the following information from city attorney Jon Thatcher late this afternoon.

After the project was completed and all cost were factored in, Forney’s portion was calculated to be $11,655,595.28. Forney had made advanced payments of $10,434,940.12. This left a balance of $1,220,655.16 which was $166,183.41 less than what TxDOT had originally invoiced for.

A schedule was set up allowing Forney to remit this debt over three payments. The debt will be paid with monies from unused right-of-way acquisition funds and the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) No. 1 Fund.

The payment schedule requires the city to remit a check or warrant of $510,327.58 on November 7, 2018. On May 1, 2019 the city will remit a check or warrant for $305,163.79 and on August 1, 2019 the city will remit by check or warrant the final installment of $305,163.79.

An article released earlier today by Forney’s fake news site indicated that the city of Forney approved to pay TxDOT the original invoiced amount, and somehow these costs were the fault of former city manager Brian Brooks. The article also indicated that these costs were “unqualified expenditures”.

As is usually the case, this fake news site sprinkled in just enough a fact to appear credible. But once ALL of the facts are revealed this fake news site has again been debunked.