Is there corruption at Forney City Hall?

According to Forney resident Bruce Bynum there is.

Mr. Bynum recently took to the Facebook page of The Forney Post and made the following posts,

“True enough Michael, But corruption abounds. Follow the money. And we know the city council will not be forthright and honest about reason and justification for their decisions. I wonder if the 130MM bond is to hide the 45MM the city owes Petro Hunt”.

“Forney city council is not to be trusted concerning any issue. They can’t properly manage a $54MM TIRZ agreement that was incompetently done by previous TIF board and city council. What a joke that they would think the tax payers would trust them with $130MM. Not one city council member has the competence, knowledge or experience to manage that kind of money, much less the ability to make a decision on $130MM”.

Mr. Bynum’s comments were in response to a couple of articles published by Denise Bell titled, “Forney City Council Tries to Secretly Discuss 130 Million Dollar Bond Issue” and “City Manager Violates Open Meetings Act to Keep Upcoming Bond Financing Secret”. Each article employs half-truths laced with superlatives to capture the reader’s attention. In each of these articles Bell accuses city employees and current members of the Forney city council of subverting the law, deliberately hiding information from taxpayers, not conducting open discussions, and making decisions unbeknownst to taxpayers.  Mr. Bynum’s comments have since been deleted.

In 2016 at the end of a Forney city council meeting, Mr. Bynum was observed lashing out at council members and calling them “dysfunctional”.

A quick search of Mr. Bynum’s personal Facebook page ((which has since been deleted)) indicates he is the President of the Forney branch of City Bank Texas. Further research revealed that Mr. Bynum is also an appointed member of the Kaufman County Appraisal District board of directors, Vice President of Governance of the Forney Educational Leadership Foundation, and recently received the Helping Hand award by the Forney Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Bynum’s comments imply criminal wrongdoing by members of the Forney city council. If true, they need to be reported to the proper authorities.

I reached out to Mr. Bynum by email asking for any corroborating information he has to substantiate his claims, or any comment he has concerning these claims. I have not heard back from him. 

Prior to Mr. Bynum arriving in Forney, Jim Bob Goldston was the President of the Forney branch of City Bank Texas. Mr. Goldston was active in the community and was involved in Forney’s political arena. In 2013 during the Texas Attorney General’s investigation of wrongdoing at Forney City Hall, Mr. Goldston was questioned by law enforcement concerning this claim. The Attorney General found no wrongdoing on the part of the City or any of it’s employees or elected officials. The investigation was closed on February 25, 2014.

I contacted City Bank Texas via their facebook page for any comment they had concerning Mr. Bynum’s comments. I received a call from Steve Smothers, Vice President of Marketing. Mr. Smothers stated that City Bank Texas corporate officials do not hold any negative views of Forney or Forney City Hall.

Forney city council members Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon each reached out to me to express their views about Mr. Bynum’s comments. Each stated that they found the comments to be reprehensible. They also stated that they are working hard to represent the citizens of Forney in an open and honest manner.

Updates to this story will be posted as soon as they are received.

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Video credit The Forney Post. 

4 thoughts on “Is there corruption at Forney City Hall?

  1. Mr. Bynum comments were EXACTLY correct. I will stand by him and support Mr Bynum. I think more people should talk more to let the people of Forney know what is going on with the city council. WHY would anyone in Forney trust the city council after everything that has gone on within the council the last few years. It does not take people long in the city to see what is going on. Myself I would not trust the existing city council with making any kind of decision not mention a $130mm decision. It is clear to me that their is a lot of things that some of the council members need to wake up and do the correct thing for the City of Forney, and not look and what is best for them.

    1. Mr Lopez … Mr Bynum made some very serious allegations towards the members of the Forney city council and has not provided any evidence to substantiate his claims. You state “it does not take people long in the city to see what is going on” but you present no facts to back up your claim. If you have evidence of wrongdoing by ANY member of the Forney city council, please provide it and the appropriate authorities will be contacted. Otherwise please refrain from making baseless claims that are detrimental to our community.

      1. First I do not think anything that Mr. Bynum said was out of line or wrong. I do not think that he or I have to provide you or any one else with your group evidence of any claims. We all know and see what is going on with a group here in Forney and once it all comes out, the people of Forney will know and see that our claims are correct. And I DO NOT have to present evidence or anything to you or anyone else in Forney. When i get ready to provide what i know I WILL contact the appropriate authorities. As a citizen of Forney, I DO NOT need you or your group to tell me what to say or what not to say. Maybe you should stop trying to run the city and open your eyes to what is going on, Just remember I WILL NEVER provide you or your group anything that I know, so don’t ever tell how to handle things.

      2. Mr Lopez – You are 100% correct. You do not have to provide me or anyone with evidence of your claims. It is your decision to make baseless claims against the Forney city council. It is your decision to promote conspiracy theories against members of the community. It is your decision to appear foolish by doing so. I would never tell you to do any of that.

        Unless you are referring to the Forney community, I do not subscribe to any group. I live here, I work here, I have raised my family here. I volunteer and support the Forney community in numerous ways. Forney is my group.

        I am not trying to run the city. Again, I volunteer in numerous organizations for the betterment of the community. I know at one time you were on a few community boards but then resigned from them. That was your decision.

        And my eyes are very wide open. They have been for a long time. That is why I started this blog. To call out those making baseless conspiracy theorists claims. I present facts. Facts don’t lie nor do they need any explaining.

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