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Local blogger Denise Bell of the Forney Post recently released a story titled, “Excited Couple Working to Restore Historic McKellar Home in Forney”. In this story Bell describes what the owners, Danny and Shelly Sellers, intend to do to restore their home at 306 Center Street. She attaches videos showing the inside and outside of the home, and goes into detail about how the Sellers intend on restoring this home.

As is her usual style designed to incite her readers, Bell goes on a rant about how the Sellers are getting mistreated by the City of Forney staff and boards. In the article Bell writes,

Local business owners and individuals alike will not be surprised to hear that this couple is currently experiencing a wide variety of issues with Forney’s city administration.

Forney City Manager Tony Carson, city attorney Jon Thatcher, the Forney Architectural Review Board and the P&Z Commission are collectively, intentionally and with malice giving the Sellers the run-around to appease the former property owner, Darrell Grooms.

Three meetings of the Architectural Review Board and P&Z Commission, and one with City Manager Tony Carson and city attorney Jon Thatcher have already transpired, and sadly it appears that the deck is politically stacked against this very nice couple who simply sought out to invest in a piece of Forney’s history.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The City staff, the Architectural Review Board, and the Planning & Zoning Commission have all heard the Sellers requests and to date, continue to work with them. Each step of the way, the Sellers have been treated with courtesy and respect by all City of Forney personnel.

On the other hand, Mr. Sellers has demonstrated that he has no patience for the City of Forney’s processes. The same process that any individual or business must go through in Forney or any other city. I also own a home in Forney’s Historical District and went through some of the same processes that the Sellers are facing.

Fortunately, there is another individual in town that records meetings and provides an overview of the meetings. Lenny McKinney has a website where he posts this information. He recently posted a video and details of the meeting Bell describes in her article.

This video shows Sellers being treated with courtesy and respect by members of Forney’s Architectural Review Board. It also shows Sellers becoming agitated and defensive towards the board when he “feels” things are not going his way. So much so that Sellers leaves the meeting before the board votes on his matter.

No malice. No intentional run around.  No political motivation. Just courtesy and respect.

The video of the meeting can be found here.



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