“Stand Up For Forney”

A couple of years ago I started this blog to provide the citizens with fact-based information. I did this because there was, and still is, an element in Forney that thrives on being deceitful to the citizens by reporting half-truths and fuzzy facts in order to promote an agenda. I have been personally attacked by this element, and to this day I continue to be in their cross hairs.

A counter to their argument was needed and what better way to provide that counter than to fact-check the erroneous information that was being spread.

Almost two years ago now when the attacks escalated, I approached another civic leader and asked this person to stand with me. It was my thought that we could work together to spread the facts and hopefully put an end to this continuous assault on Forney. This person declined my request, even though this individual agreed with what I was trying to do. So I decided to go it alone.

On January 22nd of this year, 4 members of the Forney city council made the decision to appoint me to the place one seat. This seat was held by Cory McGee who had to resign because he moved outside of Forney. I view this as an honor and a great opportunity to serve the citizens of Forney.

However, just because I now sit on the city council, I WILL NOT stop checking facts and standing against anyone or any group that is a detriment to the overall good of our community. I will continue pointing out erroneous information and calling out anyone who makes bogus statements of fact only to “rile up the citizenry”.

Many of you have reached out to me in support of this cause and I truly appreciate that. And many of you have started “Standing up for Forney” by refuting these erroneous stories on social media and other places and I applaud you for that!! Keep it up. Working together we will spread the “good news” in Forney and make our community one we can all be proud to call home.

Is there corruption at Forney City Hall?

According to Forney resident Bruce Bynum there is.

Mr. Bynum recently took to the Facebook page of The Forney Post and made the following posts,

“True enough Michael, But corruption abounds. Follow the money. And we know the city council will not be forthright and honest about reason and justification for their decisions. I wonder if the 130MM bond is to hide the 45MM the city owes Petro Hunt”.

“Forney city council is not to be trusted concerning any issue. They can’t properly manage a $54MM TIRZ agreement that was incompetently done by previous TIF board and city council. What a joke that they would think the tax payers would trust them with $130MM. Not one city council member has the competence, knowledge or experience to manage that kind of money, much less the ability to make a decision on $130MM”.

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City of Forney flounders “Teachable Moment” ……

On Friday afternoon the railroad crossing arms in downtown Forney malfunctioned, again. At approximately 3:22pm the City issued the following statement on it’s Facebook page, “RAILROAD UPDATE: All railroad crossings in downtown are currently shut down, due to arm malfunction. We have notified Union Pacific and they are in route”. Continue reading “City of Forney flounders “Teachable Moment” ……”

September 2017 Open Record Requests

I received the September 2017 list of all open record request. There were 40 requests made and Denise Bell of The Forney Post was responsible for 21 of them (52%).

Many of Ms. Bells requests are just an attempt to create the perception that she is a “credible” source of news. However, her requests alone cost the city of Forney thousands of dollars each year in staff time and resources. Not to mention the aggravation that each staff member must endure each day when yet another Denise Bell request comes through.

Pay particular attention to request 38. In this request she wants city staff to “research” the Trinity Street project and provide her with the information they uncover when she asks, “Exactly when was the funding approved and the project started?” And again, when she asks, “How much will the final bill come to for the Trinity Street project?” It is not the job of city staff to research for her. She is entitled to request documents only and the city is required to provide them.

Many of her other requests are nothing more than fishing. She is trying to manufacture a story to support her and her follower’s agenda.

E.A.C.H & E.V.E.R.Y M.O.N.T.H.

Click here for a complete list of the September 2017 open record requests