Six City Council members did the right thing …..

Last Tuesday evening I attended the Forney city council meeting where (6) members voted to release a report by the City Attorney which dispelled a statement by Mayor Rick Wilson that there was an “illegal meeting” on June 6th, 2017. Also at that meeting, by unanimous vote, the council members decided to move the “public communication” portion of the meeting from the end to the beginning of the meeting.  Continue reading “Six City Council members did the right thing …..”

Fact Checked – City Attorney’s opinion “No Illegal Meeting”

At last nights meeting of the Forney City council, a majority of them voted to release the city attorney’s report on the supposed “illegal meeting” held on June 6th, 2017. After a vote of 6 to 1, Rick Wilson being the only “NO” vote, to release the document, I received it in email form today. Here are the comments by City Attorney Jon Thatcher as related to the executive session held that night. Continue reading “Fact Checked – City Attorney’s opinion “No Illegal Meeting””

City of Forney Public Information Requests for June 2017

Anyone can make a request to a governmental entity for information. Some people do that for business purposes while others do it just because they can.

Attached is a copy of all the Public Information Requests received by the City of Forney in June 2017. If you look at the list you will notice one particular name, Denise Bell, is responsible for a large percentage of the requests. Take a close look at the type of information she is requesting.

I will have much more to say about this in the near future, as I am gathering more of these list which will be published soon.

Public Information Requests June 2017

Fact Checking – Illegal Meeting Comments by Rick Wilson, Email to City Attorney

In a recent Forney Post article Rick Wilson was quoted as saying, “I am fully convinced we had an illegal executive session based on those findings“.

In an effort to confirm the legality of the meeting in question I have sent City Attorney John Thatcher the following email….. Continue reading “Fact Checking – Illegal Meeting Comments by Rick Wilson, Email to City Attorney”