Where does the political money come from?

Have you ever wondered who finances political candidates campaigns? Do they self fund, or do they depend on others to help them pay their campaign bills?

To find out at the local level, you have to file an open records request with each entity and wait days before the request is filled. But at the State level you just have to make a few clicks on the Texas Ethics Commission website and voila, you now have the information.

To make it even easier, I have attached a link to each of the candidates campaign reports in the Texas State Representative District 4 race.

Keith Bell

Ashley McKee

Stuart Spitzer

Earl Brunner


City of Forney flounders “Teachable Moment” ……

On Friday afternoon the railroad crossing arms in downtown Forney malfunctioned, again. At approximately 3:22pm the City issued the following statement on it’s Facebook page, “RAILROAD UPDATE: All railroad crossings in downtown are currently shut down, due to arm malfunction. We have notified Union Pacific and they are in route”. Continue reading “City of Forney flounders “Teachable Moment” ……”

The changing of Forney’s “Media” Guard

Over the past few months Forney’s two media sources, The Forney Messenger and inForney.com have both undergone a change of ownership.

Longtime owners Cary & Judy Griffin decided to exit the media business and sell their interest in The Forney Messenger to a local consortium headed by Forney resident Darrell Grooms.  Mr. Grooms holds the majority stake in The Forney Messenger and assumed the role as Editor on February 1st of this year.

The founder and Editor of inForney.com Matthew Richards recently sold his interest to Bryant Martin. Martin, a Terrell native and resident of the Kaufman area, will assume the role as Editor of inForney.com. The sale of inForney.com was completed late last year.

I look forward to the new changes and features Mr Grooms and Mr. Martin will be bringing to The Forney Messenger and inForney.com respectively.