Forney Council Member Shaun Myers Issues Statement ……..

Shaun MyersOn Saturday October 7th Rick Wilson held his monthly “coffee with the Mayor” at the Huddle House in Forney. Our friends at posted the full uncut video on their Facebook page. I posted a link to that video on our Facebook page.

After viewing the entire video, Forney city council member Shaun Myers issued the following statement via a post on our Facebook page. Continue reading “Forney Council Member Shaun Myers Issues Statement ……..”

September 2017 Open Record Requests

I received the September 2017 list of all open record request. There were 40 requests made and Denise Bell of The Forney Post was responsible for 21 of them (52%).

Many of Ms. Bells requests are just an attempt to create the perception that she is a “credible” source of news. However, her requests alone cost the city of Forney thousands of dollars each year in staff time and resources. Not to mention the aggravation that each staff member must endure each day when yet another Denise Bell request comes through.

Pay particular attention to request 38. In this request she wants city staff to “research” the Trinity Street project and provide her with the information they uncover when she asks, “Exactly when was the funding approved and the project started?” And again, when she asks, “How much will the final bill come to for the Trinity Street project?” It is not the job of city staff to research for her. She is entitled to request documents only and the city is required to provide them.

Many of her other requests are nothing more than fishing. She is trying to manufacture a story to support her and her follower’s agenda.

E.A.C.H & E.V.E.R.Y M.O.N.T.H.

Click here for a complete list of the September 2017 open record requests




City of Forney Open Record Requests for August 2017

img_6969I recently received the August 2017 Open Records Requests Report from City Secretary Dorothy Brooks. There were a total of 63 requests and local blogger Denise Bell was directly responsible for 35 of them. That is 56% of all the requests in the month of August were submitted by one person. And numerous of her requests had more than one component to them. Continue reading “City of Forney Open Record Requests for August 2017”

The Barrow Report – a “composition” about the Forney Police Department

On October 31st, 2016 Rick Barnes officially retired as chief of police in Forney. Mr Barnes had served the citizens of Forney for 37 years. Upon Barnes’ retirement, city manager James Fisher appointed Louis Allwin Barrow, Jr to act as interim chief until a replacement for Barnes could be hired. Barrow and Fisher were not strangers as Barrow had served as interim chief in Murphy, TX. James Fisher was city manager of Murphy, TX before becoming city manager in Forney. Continue reading “The Barrow Report – a “composition” about the Forney Police Department”

Petro-Hunt Representative responds to Rick Wilson’s accusations

In a recent article by local blogger Denise Bell titled “Forney Residents Set Up to Pay for High Point Water Infrastructure”, Rick Wilson is quoted as saying,

“There is $1.5 million dollars for water infrastructure that’s been diverted to High Point Water district. So you are paying $1.5 million dollars, if we reimburse that money for High Point which is outside the city limits.”

Continue reading “Petro-Hunt Representative responds to Rick Wilson’s accusations”