City of Forney Open Record Requests for August 2017

img_6969I recently received the August 2017 Open Records Requests Report from City Secretary Dorothy Brooks. There were a total of 63 requests and local blogger Denise Bell was directly responsible for 35 of them. That is 56% of all the requests in the month of August were submitted by one person. And numerous of her requests had more than one component to them. Continue reading “City of Forney Open Record Requests for August 2017”

Petro-Hunt Representative responds to Rick Wilson’s accusations

In a recent article by local blogger Denise Bell titled “Forney Residents Set Up to Pay for High Point Water Infrastructure”, Rick Wilson is quoted as saying,

“There is $1.5 million dollars for water infrastructure that’s been diverted to High Point Water district. So you are paying $1.5 million dollars, if we reimburse that money for High Point which is outside the city limits.”

Continue reading “Petro-Hunt Representative responds to Rick Wilson’s accusations”

City of Forney Public Information Requests for June 2017

Anyone can make a request to a governmental entity for information. Some people do that for business purposes while others do it just because they can.

Attached is a copy of all the Public Information Requests received by the City of Forney in June 2017. If you look at the list you will notice one particular name, Denise Bell, is responsible for a large percentage of the requests. Take a close look at the type of information she is requesting.

I will have much more to say about this in the near future, as I am gathering more of these list which will be published soon.

Public Information Requests June 2017