Petro-Hunt Representative responds to Rick Wilson’s accusations

In a recent article by local blogger Denise Bell titled “Forney Residents Set Up to Pay for High Point Water Infrastructure”, Rick Wilson is quoted as saying,

“There is $1.5 million dollars for water infrastructure that’s been diverted to High Point Water district. So you are paying $1.5 million dollars, if we reimburse that money for High Point which is outside the city limits.”

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Six City Council members did the right thing …..

Last Tuesday evening I attended the Forney city council meeting where (6) members voted to release a report by the City Attorney which dispelled a statement by Mayor Rick Wilson that there was an “illegal meeting” on June 6th, 2017. Also at that meeting, by unanimous vote, the council members decided to move the “public communication” portion of the meeting from the end to the beginning of the meeting.  Continue reading “Six City Council members did the right thing …..”

Fact Checking – Illegal Meeting Comments by Rick Wilson, Email to City Attorney

In a recent Forney Post article Rick Wilson was quoted as saying, “I am fully convinced we had an illegal executive session based on those findings“.

In an effort to confirm the legality of the meeting in question I have sent City Attorney John Thatcher the following email….. Continue reading “Fact Checking – Illegal Meeting Comments by Rick Wilson, Email to City Attorney”